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The Kovrov historical and memorial museum, founded on 27.03.1927, is one of actively developing centers of historical study of local lore in Vladimir region. Today major historical expositions of the museum are situated in the building of former Zemskaya uprava (address: Abelmana street, 20).

This building is one of the most splendid in Kovrov. It was being built from 1888 to 1889, on N.P.Muratov’s initiative (he was the chairman of the uprava) and projected (designed) by G.N.Ribas, Moscow architect. In 1975 the museum moved into this building, that had been earlier occupied by the Party city committee.

The eighty-year history of the museum includes a lot of dramatic and even tragic pages. Changing locations, funds forming, the fire of 1942, that practically destroyed everything, that had been creating for decades, hard resurrection in the post-war period…
From 1974 to 1989 the museum is a part of State Vladimir and Suzdal historico-architectural and artistic museum reserve as a branch with profile exposition “Kovrov is a city of revolutionary traditions”. On 3.02.1989 the museum of Kovrov, then - historico-revolutionary, receives autonomy, in 1996 it becomes a municipal cultural establishment named “Kovrov historical and memorial museum”.
Today the funds of the museum include 59.827 exhibits; 54.701 of them belong to the main fund and 5126 - to the scientific-auxiliary. Every year it is visited by 30.000 people. The Kovrov historical and memorial museum is the centre of scientific-research, scientific-methodical, cultural and educational, exhibition, instructive activities in the region. The establishment is a part of Museum Association of the Lower Oka, a constant participant of All-Russian “Intermuseum” festival and other national significant projects. Some of the author’s works of the museum were awarded the grants of the President of the Russian federation, the fund of Soros, the Vladimir region administration department of culture. The main historical expositions of the museum are “Kovrov land from the ancient times to the XIX century”, “The chief town of the district on the boundary of the XIX and XX centuries”, “Forever in people’s memory”. They are situated in the building in the Abelman street. Since 2002 there is a stationary exhibition “The world of feathery and animals of our land” in the museum. The basic of it was laid by Kovrov master V.A.Baranov’s collection.

Address: Kovrov, 601901, The Abelman street, 20.
Phones: +7 (49232) 2-19-25, 2-27-51
The director of the Kovrov historical and memorial museum is Olga Albertovna Monyakova, a Candidate of historical science.

The memorial house-museum of V.A.Degtyarev

In the beginning of one of the central streets of the city one can see a small wooden house erected in the end of the XIX century. This building is a historical and cultural monument of Kovrov.
Vasiliy Alekseevich Degtyarev (02.01.1880 – 16.01.1949) with his family was living here since 1924. He was born in Tyla. He is an outstanding constructor of shooting automatic weapons, major-general of engineering and artillery service, doctor of technical science, the Hero of Socialist Labour, the deputy of the Supreme Soviet (of the 1-st and 2-nd convocations), the State prize winner (four times).
In 1918 V.A.Degtyarev moved to Kovrov with Vladimir Grygorievich Fedorov, the founder of soviet automatic weapons school to visit the building machine-gun plant in order to organize production of sub-machine-guns of Fedorov and machine-guns of Madsen. It is in Kovrov where V.A.Degtyarev became a constructor and gunsmith. Automatic weapons designed by him were used in the army for more than 40 years.
On the 6th of January 1978 the memorial house-museum of V.A.Degtyarev was opened in this building. The hall of expositions shows work of V.A.Degtyarev, V.G.Fedorov and other creators of first-class weapons by which earthly troops, air force and navy were equipped. The rest of the house belongs to the memorial complex.

Address: Kovrov, 601901, The Degtyarev street, 6-a
Phone: +7 (49232) 3-33-33

The museum of nature and ethnography

The branch of Kovrov historico-memorial museum was founded in 2004. It took place in building (the object of historical and cultural heritage) that was earlier the farmstead of merchants named The Bolshakovs and later – the house of remarkable constructor-armourer V.G.Fedorov.